Museums for All: An initiative of the Institute of Museum and Library Services

What is Museums for All?

Museums for All is a cooperative initiative between the Association of Children’s Museums and the Institute of Museum and Library Sciences that offers a signature access program to encourage families of all backgrounds to visit museums regularly and to build lifelong museum habits. The goal is to ensure that every child and every family has access to a high-quality children’s museum experience.

Who is eligible for free admission through Museums for All?

The Lawrence Hall of Science extends the Museums for All free admission to any bearer of a state-issued EBT card with valid photo ID, as well as up to five additional individuals.

Are visitors with EBT cards from other states eligible for this rate?

Yes. Museums for All aims to increase museum accessibility for everyone.

Does Museums for All admission apply to special exhibitions or additional Hall programs and activities?

Admission to the Hall includes access to all its exhibitions. Some activities, such as 3D Theater films and interactive Planetarium shows, require purchase of a separate ticket.