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Father assists his daughter in building a lever with a hand.

Flex Your Design Muscles

Open Daily, 11:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.

It’s fun to use your ingenuity to solve problems and meet challenges! By approaching things in creative ways, and by applying your own talents and skills, you can discover solutions that are uniquely you.

Upcoming Ingenuity Challenges

Design, build, and test your own inventions with the support of UC Berkeley students, staff, and volunteers.

October 12–November 17 | Pinball Palooza
Learn the inner mechanics of a pinball machine, then construct your own! Use everyday materials to create flippers, plungers, and ramps to make your pinball machine uniquely yours.

November 19—December 20 | Optical Illusions
Design, build, and test your own optical illusion while learning about the human eye as part of our newest Ingenuity challenge. Observe and compare how optical illusions work as you create fun and unique designs.

Join us for a special card activity on December 14th and 15th. Explore circuits while creating your own unique greeting card that can light up with the use of copper tape, LEDs, and more.

December 21–January 24 | Marble Machines
Use ramps, lifts, tubes, and jumps to design, build, and test your own creative marble machine. Get your marble from Point A to Point B, all while following some surprising paths in between.

Five Years of Ingenuity