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Three girls in the Animal Discovery room, one holding a chinchilla and another petting him

The Animal Discovery Room is temporarily closed.

Please see our extended closure page for more details.

With our international colony of teaching animals—from axolotls to legless lizards—you can learn about animal behavior and habitats. Try self-guided activities and examine specimen models. Our knowledgeable staff will introduce you to our wonderful creatures and share fun stories and interesting facts about them. Through these encounters, you’ll discover more about yourself and other organisms.

Please call Visitor Services at 510-642-5132 with questions about animals at the Hall.

We Care About Our Animals

Special care is taken to ensure that all of our animals are housed correctly, with the proper diet, substrate, heat, lighting, humidity, and enrichment. Trained undergraduate Animal Discovery Room (ADR) student assistants, with the help of teen volunteers, conduct daily checks of all animals, under the supervision of the ADR Manager. ADR assistants and interns are the first to notice any changes in the animals’ behavior or physical appearance. If there is a behavioral or physical change in an animal, it is monitored and may receive vet care depending on the severity of the situation. In order to monitor all of the ADR animals, we conduct monthly weight checks. New or sick animals are weighed weekly and monitored closely to ensure that they are adjusting well and staying healthy. When needed, we administer medication or provide other special care recommendations suggested by our knowledgeable veterinary staff.

UC Berkeley Office of Laboratory and Animal Care (OLAC) veterinarians provide care for all our animals according to campus animal care and USDA regulations. Veterinarians are available 24/7 to provide quality veterinary care and advice. They do routine checkups on all of the animals, as well as operations and x-rays, and provide other veterinary services.

Animal Discovery Experience

Meet Alondra Blandon, our Animal Discovery Room manager, and get a behind the scenes tour.