Children gather climbing Pheena, one child points
a teen looks at the contents of a beaker
teen holds up a robot and tablet and smiles.
kid pours something into steaming container
group of campers cheering

Online Science Discovery Camp

A big "thank you!" to all our participants in the Online Science Discovery Camps. The five weeks of camp provided a great opportunity to engage lots of kids with interactive, fun, STEM activities. We have received some wonderful feedback from parents and instructors about the sessions—here is one example.

"Thanks for such an AWESOME camp! My child is usually Zoom-averse and super quiet on Zoom, but she says she had so much fun at your camp. She was eager to start each session and was sad that it was coming to an end. We were so grateful for such well-thought-out hands-on activities and discussion, and the super-patient and engaging teachers."

Based on the success of the Online Science Discovery Camps, we look forward to producing more programs in the future for kids featuring interactive science learning, small groups, and fun activities over Zoom. Subscribe to our email list, support us as Members, and follow us on social media to stay in the loop and hear about new programs as they are announced!