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Courses and content for college students and faculty help increase understanding of teaching methods and promote the exchange of knowledge between scientists, educators, children, and college students.

College level programs from the Hall reflect current educational approaches and active learning strategies, and include full courses like the award winning Communicating Science Courses, the innovative Early Learning in Math and Science (ELMS) methods course as well as content modules on green and nano technologies that can be integrated into community college science classes.

These programs help college students and faculty to more effectively communicate their subject, introduce science majors to teaching professions, provide access to content about emerging technologies, and create greater awareness among scientists about the need for outreach.

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Communicating Ocean Science Courses

Communicating Ocean Sciences (COS) and Communicating Ocean Sciences to Informal Audiences (COSIA) courses prepare future ocean scientists to deliver effective learning experiences to K–8 students and teachers in schools or to the public in aquariums and science centers.

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Communicating Science Courses

Innovative courses introduce participants to current ideas and practices in science education based on pedagogically sound principles of instruction. Their learning is then applied directly to science outreach experiences, teaching in K–5 classrooms or in informal science venues.

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Early Learning in Math and Science (ELMS)

The Early Learning in Math and Science (ELMS) course is a model curriculum designed for use by college instructors to prepare undergraduate students in early childhood programs to teach science and math to young children.

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Nano and Green Technologies in Community Colleges

High quality green and nano science content, modular materials, and career workshops are embedded into introductory science courses at community colleges. Concepts are connected to practical applications and day-long career workshops expose students to career options in emerging areas.