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A child and an adult examining a science exhibit

Engage Employees

Match Employee Giving and Volunteer [...]

Science at Cal – Smoky Skies Ahead: How to Reduce Indoor Smoke Exposure to Improve Public Health during Wildfire Season

Berkeley Lab scientist Dr. Jacob Bueno de Mesquita examines the patterns of inhalation exposure from wildfire smoke and the associated [...]

Joel Sartore

Innovations & Inspirations 2021 — Speaker A Benefit Event | Speaker | Fund-the-Future | Sponsors | Tickets | Joel Sartore is a photographer, speaker, author, [...]

A scientist looks through a microscope

Science at Cal – The Periodic Table: How the Basic Elements of Life are Advancing the Frontiers of Research

Berkeley Lab scientist Kathy Shield will walk us through the f-elements, the elusive, and often dismissed, bottom two rows of [...]

Drawing of the Community Connections exhibit at The Lawrence

A Call for Artifacts for New Upcoming Exhibit

Share Your Story in Our Upcoming Exhibit! Do you have something to share? We want to show off your 2-D [...]

Grounds for Science – Life Finds a Way and The Impacts of Food Trade

Product of Mexico: The Socio-Environmental Impacts of Food Trade Step into any supermarket in the US and you are likely [...]

Lecture Series – The Science of Happiness

We will zero in on a core finding: that true happiness is inextricably linked to having strong social connections and [...]

Two children exploring a science exhibit

Phenomenal Physics

Welcome to the world of phenomenal physics! In this lab, you will be introduced to the forces of physics - the basic principles that govern our physical world. As a physicist, you will observe, ask, [...]

Science Show

Shocking Nature of Wildfires

Have you ever experienced a thunderstorm? Do you know how fires burn? Join us to learn more about how charges can impact the world around us through several bright and explosive demonstrations. Spark [...]

Positioning Youth for Success in Science: Studying the Malleability and Impact of Computational Thinking for Science

In collaboration with the Learning Design Group at the Lawrence Hall of Science, the Research Group is engaging in a [...]

Working Towards Equitable Organizations in Environmental Education

Working Towards Equitable Organizations Workshop Series is a collaboration between the Lawrence Hall of Science and an organization called Youth [...]

Reflecting on Practice

Reflecting on Practice (RoP) is a professional learning program designed to build participants’ understanding of best practices for teaching in [...]

Activation Lab

The Learning Activation Lab is a national research and design effort to dramatically strengthen learning in the United States and [...]

Schoolyard Scientists/East Bay Academy for Young Scientists

Based at the Lawrence Hall of Science at UC Berkeley, the East Bay Academy for Young Scientists (EBAYS) serves youth [...]

Cambrian Explosion

Welcome to the Cambrian period So many new types of living things appeared during this time that it is often [...]

The Robert and Elizabeth Karplus Outdoor Nature Lab

“Where Inspiration Grows” The Outdoor Nature Lab—under construction right now—will be the first new addition to The Lawrence in 20 [...]

A child holding up their paper sculpture made during Summer Fundays

Summer Fundays Activities

Summer Fundays at The Lawrence! Join us this weekend for Fun in the Sun (Thursday, July 29–Sunday, August 15). Learn [...]

Pheena the whale returns to the Lawrence Hall of Science on a crane.

At The Lawrence

The Lawrence is reopening outdoors this summer!Starting Memorial Day weekend, join us Thursdays through Sundays for Summer Fundays at The [...]

Grounds for Science presents Representation in Research: The Case of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder & Heart Disease & The Good Side of Viruses: Engineering Viruses for Therapeutic Development

Grounds for Science – Representation in Research and The Good Side of Viruses

Grab an after-work beverage of your choice for a fun night of science, trivia, and socializing with two budding UC Berkeley [...]

Midday Science Cafe presents Adapting to Change: The Future of California's Water-Energy Nexus

Midday Science Cafe – Adapting to Change: The Future of California’s Water-Energy Nexus

Water and energy, two intricately connected systems, are critical to California’s future as we face increasing urbanization and climate change. In this Midday Science Cafe, we’ll hear from two [...]

Grounds for Science presents From Brain to Behavior: Using Advanced Technologies to Probe Population Activity in the Brain and Pulling Carbon Out of Thin Air: Strategies from Bacteria, Algae, and Plants

Grounds for Science – From Brain to Behavior & Pulling Carbon Out of Thin Air

Grounds for Science presents From Brain to Behavior: Using Advanced Technologies to Probe Population Activity in the Brain featuring April Myers, Vision Science Graduate Group & Pulling Carbon Out [...]

FOSS Summer Camp

Science teachers and administrators from grades pre-K through 8 are gathering for a two-day virtual expedition like no other. Join us, either day or both. Huddle 'round the monitor as science [...]

Science at Cal Lecture Series presents Monitoring COVID-19 in the San Francisco Bay Area through Sewershed Surveillance

Lecture Series – Monitoring COVID-19 in the San Francisco Bay Area through Sewershed Surveillance

Did you know that you have been helping to manage the COVID pandemic, just by going to the bathroom? Since April 2020, a large team of researchers at U.C. Berkeley has been working with local partners [...]

Midday Science Cafe presents Synthetic Biology for a Sustainable Future

Midday Science Cafe – Synthetic Biology for a Sustainable Future

Synthetic biology is the design and construction of biological systems, and researchers are using it to solve problems in a wide variety of fields, from medicine, to energy and the environment, to [...]

Midday Science Cafe presents Harnessing Machine Learning for Science

Midday Science Cafe – Harnessing Machine Learning for Science

How can we improve machine learning to better solve complex scientific problems? By advancing methods that are built to handle sophisticated algorithms and the three-dimensional geometry of physical [...]

TechHive AI

TechHive AI

Explore the intersection of AI and cybersecurity, how it can help protect us, and the potential threats it poses. TechHive AI program for high school juniors and seniors is now accepting applications. [...]

Science at Cal Lecture Series presents The Oakland EcoBlock: A novel approach to building resilient communities

Lecture Series – The Oakland EcoBlock: A Novel Approach to Building Resilient Communities

Addressing climate change brings challenges on several different fronts. In this talk, we’ll learn from Dr. Alexandra “Sascha” von Meier about the Oakland EcoBlock project, funded by the [...]

Research Group Staff

Research Group Staff The following biographies demonstrate the rich, comprehensive, and diverse knowledge, skills, and backgrounds that comprise the professional [...]

Imagine the Sky Tonight

What stars can you see in the sky this time of year? What shapes and stories can you imagine among them? We will give you a star map and teach you to find constellations, the starry patterns of the [...]