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Teen Volunteers

The application period for the Teen Volunteer Program is temporarily closed, due to COVID-19 restrictions. Please check back on this page regularly for upcoming teen applications and opportunities.

The Lawrence Hall of Science offers a fun, dynamic program for teens only. All teens enter the program in May, volunteering in various capacities for the summer or throughout the year. This is a great way for them to fulfill community service requirements, gain job skills, and learn about communicating science to the public. Volunteering here will give teens great experiences in public speaking, educational programs, customer service, and general job skills. Volunteers will work with staff at The Lawrence, with UC Berkeley college interns, and with other teens from all around the Bay Area.

2021 Teen applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Submit a teen volunteer application
  • Be able to attend a Teen Orientation
  • Be about to enter the 9th grade or above
  • Be able to work an average of one four-hour shift per week (June–August)
  • Be able to show interest in topics related to science, technology, engineering, or mathematics
  • Be committed to working with our visitors, some of whom are families with children
  • Volunteer work will include:
    • Facilitating hands-on activities in our exhibit areas and supporting our featured experiences; engaging the public in the Ingenuity Challenges, an engineering design space; or assisting our staff in supporting summer camp-related activities
    • Assisting staff in delivery of Summer Science Fun Days, our themed summer activities
    • Providing enthusiastic, quality customer service
Teacher and students with turtle in the Animal Discovery Room

Adult Volunteers

Share your enthusiasm for science and spark the imagination of visiting families and schoolchildren.

Apply Today

If you're interested in the adult volunteer program, complete the application. You will be contacted for upcoming orientation sessions.

The date for our next adult volunteer orientation is September 18, 2021 from 11:00-2:00pm. Sign up today to attend the upcoming orientation.

The Volunteer Orientation is a two-hour event for new volunteers to learn about the Hall’s mission, programs, and different volunteer opportunities. It provides new volunteers with a chance to learn about the benefits and/or challenges of volunteering for the Hall. Volunteers will take a tour of the Hall, talk to current volunteers, and see them in action facilitating in some of the areas where they will be working.

Benefits of Volunteering

  • Receive a 20% discount at the Discovery Corner Toy and Book Store
  • Earn an Family museum membership after 100 hours of service
  • Visit the Lawrence Hall of Science without paying general admission or show fees
  • Know that you helped excite a child’s desire to learn math and science

What is the Commitment?

  • Available 3–6 hours per month for a minimum of 60 hours (*core opportunities require 2 shifts and 6 hours per month)
  • Access to email communication
  • Regular and active participation in volunteer shifts and activities
  • Complete all forms required and comply with volunteer processes described in the Adult Volunteer Handbook and Teen Volunteer Handbook

Interested? Submit this application and save the date for the next volunteer orientation. Email Veronica Urdaneta.