Volunteers and students

Our success depends on our talented and passionate staff, including the students and volunteers on our team. We are always looking for individuals interested in helping us deliver exciting, hands-on experiences for learners of all ages.

Staff Jobs

Browse current staff and student job openings at the Hall and apply as listed or at jobs.berkeley.edu by job number. To apply for academic positions, go to the UC Berkeley academic personnel office.

Student Jobs

Browse current student job openings at the Hall today.

Teen Volunteers

Teens entering 9th grade and above can volunteer for the summer at the Hall. They can help promote science and math learning by engaging visitors in hands-on science and math activities. The application period for Summer 2016 is closed.

Adult Volunteers

We’re always looking for science-lovers to help with hands-on activities at our special events, deliver interactive science demos, present at our Science On a Sphere (SOS)® exhibit, assist in our education workshops, and Animal Discovery Room.