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Help your monster live a healthy life

Monster Heart Medic is an educational adventure game that explores the cardiovascular system and how it is affected by healthy living. Players are led through an interactive narrative where they must help diagnose a friendly, 3-eyed monster named Ragnar and help him on his path to a healthier life. Through hands-on tests, interactive simulators, achievement collection, discussions with health professionals, animated monster stories, and arcade games, players will learn about common cardiovascular conditions, diagnostic tests, and what steps can be taken to get and keep your cardiovascular system healthy. This free app is available in English and Spanish for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

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  • Explore a rich world packed with colorful monsters and offbeat characters.
  • Earn health achievements that let players build their knowledge of the cardiovascular system and healthy living.
  • Experience arcade action levels that reinforce healthy food and lifestyle choices.
  • Discover dynamic simulations that show the effects of high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
  • Enjoy animated monster stories that explain conditions of the cardiovascular system.
  • Sample interactive medical diagnostic tools that relate to real-world procedures.
  • Customize your monster with hats, hairstyles, mustaches, and more.
  • Play the game in English or Spanish.

Educational Content

Monster Heart Medic was designed with the goals of players learning:

  1. What a healthy cardiovascular system does in the human body.
  2. Possible problems with the cardiovascular system, including information on symptoms, conditions, tests, and treatments.
  3. How healthy eating and exercise habits can help keep the cardiovascular system healthy.

All of the health recommendations that players encounter in the game come from established sources, including the National Institutes of Health, American Heart Association, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Through this exploration with their monster, players will be encouraged to reflect on their own habits and those of their families and consider healthy options in the future.

Monster Heart Medic Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes the information collected by Lawrence Hall of Science (“we,” “us” or “our”) through our mobile application Monster Heart Medic.

We do not collect any personal data with Monster Heart Medic. When you download and use Monster Heart Medic, we don’t require you to provide any data and we do not collect any information about you or your device.

Monster Heart Medic complies with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. We do not knowingly collect personal data of any kind from users of any age.

Users may contact us via email if they have questions about Monster Heart Medic. We may receive a user’s email address and other information about a user if the user submits that information to us through email. We will only use this information to respond to any inquiries from the user.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our privacy policy and practices, e-mail us at lhsdevelopment@lists.berkeley.edu.

Monster Heart Medic Technical Support

iPhone 6 Plus users

If you are experiencing issues with flashing or inoperable buttons within the game,
go to Settings >> Display & Brightness, and set to ‘Standard’ to fix the problem.

iHaving trouble with sound?

If you can’t hear music or game sounds: You may need to increase your volume, flip the mute switch on the side of your device, or in the top right corner of Monster Heart Medic’s screen, you’ll see a gear icon: tap the gear icon and make sure the music and/or sound icon is not greyed out.

Hardware Requirements

  • iPhone and iPad iOS 7 and up
  • Android 4.4+ and up

For technical help: If you’re having issues with Monster Heart Medic or would like to report any bugs, e-mail us at lhsdevelopment@lists.berkeley.edu

Game Credits

This game uses these sounds from freesound.org under the Creative Commons 3.0 License:
“bubble (8)” by Glaneur de son
“ploep3”, “ploep5”, and “ploep7” by Greencouch
Success by Grunz
This game uses these music loops from soundcloud.com and bensound.com under the Creative Commons 3.0 License:
Title screen: “Funk Loop” by Bass Dispenser
Side Scroller Music: “Driving Funk loop C# 130” by mcoffman
Tutorial Loop and Background Music: “Solid Beat 1-4 Bars at 120 bpm” and “Funky Shuffle 1-8 Bars at 150bpm” by Looped
Finale Song: A shortened, looped version of “Retro Soul” by Bensound Royalty Free Music
Heartbeat sounds for the “Heart Beat Box” used with permission by Dr. Chris Cable, M.D. They can be found at “The Auscultation Assistant
Monster Heart Medic uses the Manly Men free font for non-profit projects from blambot.com under Blambot’s Free Font License.

Funding Credits

SEPA Science Education Partnership Award Supported by the National Institute of Health

This project was supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Science Education Partnership Award program under award number 5R25OD010543-02. Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this program are those of the author and do not reflect the views of NIH.

Digital Ehon Award

Digital Ehon Award is a digital children’s book award aimed to cultivate innovative digital productions organized in partnership with Digital Children’s Book Fair in Tokyo, Japan. Each year, the selection committee celebrates and awards the world’s most exciting digital productions.

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The Hall is honored to have surpassed one million downloads for all our iOS apps. Thanks for your support and for recommending our apps to your friends!

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