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Are you looking to explore the surface of the Sun from your phone? We have an app for that! The Lawrence Hall of Science continues its long tradition of excellence in educational technology with a suite of new apps that explore hands-on science and important health topics.

The DIY (Do It Yourself) app series is a great way for families or individual learners to explore four science topic areas with hands-on activities with step-by-step instructions, dynamic simulations and live data feeds, rich simulations, and videos. Do you want to learn more about how your body works or see DNA? How about building a model lung or discovering what happens at the bottom of a lake? Find all this and more using DIY Sun Science, DIY Human Body, DIY Nano, and DIY Lake Science.

Are you in the mood for an adventure game? Why not try to help Ragnar, the friendly monster with a heart problem? Through animations, simulations, achievements, and arcade action, kids of all ages will learn about cardiovascular conditions and what steps can be taken to keep you and your monster healthy. How about a fast-paced arcade game? Try Space Chef and race against the clock to sort through an array of ingredients and construct healthy recipes. Or how about a story? Check out I Got This, and learn what it's like for a teen to live with type 2 diabetes.

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The Hall is honored to have surpassed one million downloads for all our iOS apps. Thanks for your support and for recommending our apps to your friends!

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Kepler Star Wheels


Make and use your own Uncle Al's Hands-On Universe Star Wheels to have a working star map for anytime of night, any month. Find constellations for various latitudes, northern and southern hemisphere, different languages, and even a Kepler Star Wheel for finding stars with exoplanets!


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