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Explore the microscopic worlds inside all of us, open weekends only.

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We’re located in the hills above the UC Berkeley campus, with a spectacular 180-degree view of the San Francisco Bay.


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10 a.m.–5 p.m.

Science Standards

The Lawrence Hall of Science can help teachers, schools, and districts with the Next Generation Science Standards. Our staff, programs, research studies, and curriculum materials were used to guide the development of these forward-thinking standards. Let's realize the potential of NGSS together.

Our Impact

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How is the Hall helping to prepare the next generation of scientific innovators and explorers? With local, national, and international programs, Hall programs span the globe, serving more than 12 million youth in 21 countries on almost every continent. Learn more about our impact.

Help ensure that invention, ingenuity, and innovation stand front and center for current and future generations by supporting the Hall.


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The Hall offers Summer and Winter Camps for students to explore and discover science during school breaks!


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