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Physical Science

Harness the power of the wind! In this design challenge, students step into the shoes of an engineer as they develop and test solutions to design a windmill that can lift the most weight. Once their innovative designs are complete, they can test their windmills in a simulated wind tunnel to observe the power of the wind.

*Offered April–June

Disciplinary Core Ideas: ETS1.A Defining and Delimiting Engineering Problems; ETS1.B Developing Possible Solutions; ETS1.C Optimizing the Design Solution
Science and Engineering Practices: Defining Problems; Designing Solutions
Crosscutting Concepts: Structure and Function
At The Hall
Enrollment12 minimum
32 maximum
10:15 a.m. or 12:00 p.m.
75 minutes
CostExhibit Experience + Workshop: $465; Complete Experience: $525. Extra chaperones are $16/adult ($18.50 if a show is added)