grade 9
grade 12
Life Science

How do squid swim? Catch prey? Eat? Reproduce? Release ink to escape predators? These are just some of the questions students will come up with when they observe squid swimming, eating, and reproducing. Through external explorations, observations, and dissection of a fresh squid, students will find evidence to answer their own questions and make explanations for the physiological functions and how these structures work together as a system.

Disciplinary Core Ideas: LS1.A Structure and Function
Science and Engineering Practices: Asking Questions; Constructing Explanations
Crosscutting Concepts: Structure and Function; System and System Models
At The Hall
Enrollment12 minimum
32 maximum
10:15 a.m., or 12:00 p.m.
75 minutes
CostExhibit Experience + Workshop: $465; Complete Experience: $525. Extra chaperones are $16/adult ($18.50 if a show is added)