grade 9
grade 12
Earth and Space Science

Students observe moving systems at many scales, including simple and falling objects, systems of planets and moons, our Solar System, and the galaxy. They investigate how basic laws of motion and gravitation lead to the kinds of systems they observe.

Disciplinary Core Ideas: ESS1.B: Earth and the Solar System, PS2.B: Types of Interactions, PS2.A: Forces and Motion
Science and Engineering Practices: Developing and Using Models, Constructing Explanations
Crosscutting Concepts: Patterns, Cause and Effect, Systems and System Models
At The Hall
Enrollment12 minimum
32 maximum
10:15 a.m. or 12:15 p.m.
60 minutes
CostExhibit Experience + Workshop: $465; Complete Experience: $525. Extra chaperones are $16/adult ($18.50 if a show is added)