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Life Science

A carrot was left overnight in a tank of insects, and now has mysterious marks on it. In Insects in Action, students will become entomology detectives, investigating the carrot mystery and gathering evidence to determine which of the insect suspects could have left their marks on the carrot. Students will explore structure-function relationships and determine which suspects have the structures necessary to leave the marks on the carrot.

Disciplinary Core Ideas: 1LS1.A Structure and Function
Science and Engineering Practices: Constructing Explanations; Arguing from Evidence
Crosscutting Concepts: Structure and Function
At The Hall
Enrollment12 minimum
32 maximum
10:15 a.m. or 12:00 p.m.
75 minutes
CostExhibit Experience + Workshop: $465; Complete Experience: $525. Extra chaperones are $16/adult ($18.50 if a show is added)