Big Give and Pheena

Big Give 2018

Thank you for your support of the Hall during Big Give, UC Berkeley’s fundraising blitz, on March 8. In just 24 hours we raised $34,177.

These funds will directly support programs and materials that make Aha! Moments happen at the Hall and around the globe. Each year our work reaches over 12 million young people, thousands of educators, and hundreds of organizations in ways that transform STEM learning. Your generosity will help the Hall continue to make moments of inspiration, discovery and fascination happen in BIG ways.

Aha! Moments Happen Here

We love Aha! Moments here at the Lawrence Hall of Science. When a young person has a sudden moment of insight or discovery, the possibilities seem endless and the future seems brighter.

Click each image below to discover how Aha! Moments helped inspire scientific learning from a young age for an entomologist, a science educator and a computer scientist.

Thank you again for helping us create Aha! moments for years to come.




Moments of discovery are an everyday occurrence at the Hall.



Moments of inspiration also happen every day at the Hall.



Fascination is sparked and lifelong pursuits often begin at the Hall.

Share Your Moment!

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