Make Station

A child creating her own invention at the Make Station exhibit

What Will You Make?

In our Make Station exhibit, come up with your own idea for an invention, then create a design for it. Consider what you would like to make and look around at what others have done to see what inspires you.

“Think” with your hands as you choose from a variety of materials in a workshop that is part tinkerers’ workshop and part artists’ studio. Choose from paper, cardboard, cups, pipe cleaners, fabric, and colored tape. Name and display your invention to inspire others.

Is yours a new creation, or did you find a way to improve an existing object? Did any mistakes happen that actually helped you make it better? Do you think something like this will exist in the future?

Sometimes the greatest inventions come from mistakes. Design and engineering require creativity to come up with the most innovative and optimal solutions. Creativity is a special skill that all humans have. By working together, brainstorming, building off each other’s ideas, and testing out possibilities, designers and engineers create new products and services.

Make something new at Design Quest!