Science at Cal – Smoky Skies Ahead: How to Reduce Indoor Smoke Exposure to Improve Public Health during Wildfire Season

A history of limited forest management and a hotter planet is leading to more frequent and catastrophic wildfires. While this underscores the importance of finding solutions to contain fires, the reality is that we must also learn to adapt better to their associated health threats. In this month’s Midday Science Cafe, you’ll meet two scientists who are dedicated to understanding wildfire health risks and improving public health protection.


Date: 09/16/2021
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
Location: Zoom

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Berkeley Lab scientist Dr. Jacob Bueno de Mesquita examines the patterns of inhalation exposure from wildfire smoke and the associated effects on population health. He will provide a framework for understanding how the burden of wildfire-related health threats is inequitable across exposed communities and suggest ways for public health action to address this urgent crisis. UC Berkeley scientist Dr. Stephanie M. Holm focuses her research on one of the communities particularly vulnerable to wildfire smoke: children. She will discuss how indoor air quality interventions and mask and respirator use can protect children from wildfire smoke exposure.


Dr. Jacob Bueno de Mesquita

Postdoctoral Researcher
Indoor Environment Group
Berkeley Lab

Dr. Stephanie Holm, MD PhD MPH

Division of Epidemiology
School of Public Health, UC Berkeley
Assistant Clinical Professor
Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, UCSF
Public Health Medical Officer
CalEPA, Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment

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