Author: Zach

Financial Analyst 2

Applies professional concepts to perform moderate financial and resource analysis to understand past performance and determine present and future performance […]

Development Officer

Plans, schedules, and implements annual fundraising projects and programs, including the Annual Fund, online giving opportunities such as The BIG GIVE and crowdfunding campaigns, as well as an annual calendar of donor cultivation and solicitation events. Ensures that predetermined fundraising goals are met. Supports the Director and Deputy Director in stewardship of major gifts and ongoing donor relations. Coordinates activities closely with Lawrence Hall of Science Membership and Marketing Departments to maximize engagement across various constituent groups, identify and engage potential donors, and increase the base of support for Lawrence Hall of Science.


Teens Talk Mental Health Bay Area teens share what mental health means to them, talk about what their experience of […]

3D Theater

About the 3D Theater Learn about a variety of topics from new films each season. Access + Comfort Wheelchair-accessible Assistive […]

Sunstones II

Watching our sunset’s location change as the seasons change The position on the western horizon of the setting sun changes […]


The Lawrence Planetarium is closed while we move the dome to a new, more central location! While this move is […]


What can you build with Keva? Use these lightweight, easy to stack wooden planks and your own creativity to build […]

Ingenuity Challenges

Open Daily, 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Main exhibit hall (A-level) About Ingenuity Challenges Solve Problems and Meet Challenges Design, […]

Make Station

Creativity combined with engineering helps us prepare for the future by developing inventions that enable us to both survive and thrive in environments like space, the deep ocean, and our ever-changing Earth.

Fly High

Engineers use their knowledge of air to do things like land safely with a parachute, fly planes, stabilize helicopters, and much more. Can you do the same with our wind tubes and hover table?

Wind Works

Engineers, especially those in the Bay Area, are working toward sustainable energy solutions by using the power of the wind to generate electricity. The need for wind power is continually growing.

Rocket Launch

Launching a rocket into space is a difficult task because of various factors. The efficiency, reliability, and safety of a rocket all depend on the quality of engineering design.

Shake & Rattle

Design, build, and test your own earthquake-safe structures. Explore how buildings behave when the earth starts to shake, and how engineers use science to build safer homes & offices.

Design Quest

About Design Quest Engage and Discover Design Quest challenges inspire collaboration and innovation in visitors of all ages. Tinker with […]

Forces That Shape the Bay

About Forces That Shape the Bay Explore Forces That Shape the Bay Control the water flow from the simulated Sierra […]

Animal Discovery Zone

The Animal Discovery Zone is temporarily closed while we revitalize this beloved space. Our transformation will provide updated habitats for […]