Explore Science and Art with the Kepler Art of Discovery Contest

The NASA Kepler Mission has discovered hundreds of exoplanets in our Solar System.

The Kepler Art of Discovery Contest invites participants to create art that illustrates what the hundreds of newly discovered NASA Kepler exoplanets might look like. If you are a space artist, an astronomer, or simply a student interested in astronomy and our fascinating galaxy, submit your artwork for a chance to win!

NASA's Ingenious Fixit Project

Kepler with distant solar system

The Kepler Space Telescope, which must point precisely at the right place in the sky in order to discover planets orbiting other stars, can no longer perform its function correctly because it broke. NASA engineers have come up with an ingenious way to fix the telescope by re-purposing some of its parts.

24/7 Science Receives Highest Rating for a Second Year in a Row from Common Sense Media

Award winning 24/7 Science website from the Lawrence Hall of Science

For the second year, the Lawrence Hall of Science: 24/7 Science website has received the highest 5 out of 5 rating from Common Sense Media, the national nonprofit devoted to helping parents and teachers manage media and technology in kids' lives. 24/7 Science was one of the first recipients of the ON for Learning Award in 2013. The award celebrates the very best in kids' digital media products designed to educate and engage.

ReNUWIt Water Design Challenge is Back at the Ingenuity Lab

Guests at the Ingenuity Lab's ReNUWIt Water Design Challenge test the sustainability of their model cities with a simulated storm.

The Ingenuity Lab at the Lawrence Hall of Science paired up with ReNUWIt, the Urban Water Engineering Resource Center, for this month's engineering design challenge. With cafeteria trays, wooden blocks, sponges, electrical tape, and felt strips as materials, visitors of all ages used creativity and imagination to build – and rebuild – model cities that were tested for performance against simulated storms and pollutants.

Kids Engineer Holiday Magic

Hall visitors with different holiday themed Automata

When 4-year-old Sydney grows up, she says, "I'm going to have a LOT of jobs: a scientist, a princess, a Cal basketball player, and a superhero who catches bad guys without the police." If you ask her how she is going to do all that, she’ll let you know she plans to engineer machines to help her, starting with one that will allow her to shrink and grow as needed! Sydney gets the chance to work on this invention by using the engineering design process at the Lawrence Hall of Science.

The East Bay Academy For Young Scientists Tackles Local Pollution Issues

EBAYS students testing for polution in the creek

The East Bay Academy for Young Scientists, a program of the Lawrence Hall of Science, is contributing to pollution reduction efforts here in the East Bay. This summer, while conducting water quality research in their East Oakland community as part of an EBAYS summer program, participating youth found unnaturally high levels of nitrates and traces of chlorine in the local Courtland Creek, leading them to suspect a sewage leak into the creek.

Hall Director Elizabeth Stage Receives 2013 Women in STEM Award

Elizabeth Stage Women in STEM Awardee

Assemblymember Nancy Skinner announced today the recipients of the 15th Assembly District Women of the Year Awards, celebrating women trailblazers who have made significant contributions in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). We’re happy to announce that our Director, Elizabeth Stage, joins this year’s honorees of women and organizations that have made groundbreaking contributions in STEM fields and have helped advance, involve or educate women and girls in STEM.

Putting Audio Engineering into the Hands of Kids

Happy staff of Meyer Sound

By collaborating with Hall on a sound challenge in the Ingenuity Lab, Steve Starkweather of Meyer Sound Laboratories helped put audio engineering literally in the hands of kids and parents.