Bear Pride and Science Education Come Together this Homecoming

Oski on the Hall's plaza

The Hall is proud to be part of UC Berkeley, one of the top public universities in the world. In honor of Homecoming weekend, take a moment to learn about two of our very own "Hall Bears" and how they exercise their passion for science through work at the Hall.

Insights Into the International Field of Ocean Science

Ocean science researchers

Lawrence Hall of Science Associate Director Craig Strang was a keynote speaker at the Fifth Biennial International Pacific Marine Educators in Tokyo, Japan last week. Craig reflects on his experience at this international conference, including his realizations about the state of marine life overseas.

Yes, Innovation is Changing the World

Professor Robert Full, Danielle Feinberg, and Professor Ashok Gadgil speak at the Seventh Warren William Chupp Distinguished Lecture.

From empowering students to explore their unique interests to designing the most affordable and robust stoves for women in Darfur, three incredible innovators presented their take on how research, experimentation, and making have changed and will continue to change the world for the better at the Seventh Warren William Chupp Distinguished Lecture.

Remembering Dr. Alan J. Friedman

Dr. Alan J Friedman and colleagues

The Lawrence Hall of Science is saddened to learn that Dr. Alan J. Friedman, the founding director of our astronomy and physics education program, passed away on May 4, 2014.

Summer Fun Days Bring Educational Amusement

Fizzy, Foamy Science Sidewalk Painting

The final bell rings, kids close their books with excitement, the sun shines brightly, and responsibilities vanish into the past. Summer is here and filled with fun, barbecues, and pool parties. The Hall is joining in on the fun with our Summer Fun Days events, which provide exciting activities that are educational at the same time.

Makers Come Together at Open Make: deBUG

Open Make Boy with Butterfly Wings

On Saturday, April 19, the Lawrence Hall of Science will host a public Open Make: deBUG event. This event brings together local artists, scientists, engineers, and other "Makers" to share their tools, techniques, and ingenuity with guests through hands-on making activities.

Celebrate Earth Day at the Hall

Earth Rise, NASA Image

While going through daily life, it is easy to take the planet we live on for granted. It’s simply there, and many people don’t appreciate it unless they’re watching a sunset from atop a mountain or dipping their toes in the lapping ocean.