A Whale of a Job: Restoring the Hall's Beloved Fin Whale

Pheena during repairs

Our beloved fin whale has been getting some much needed repairs. Learn about the people working on Pheena, and find out what it takes to fix up a massive whale sculpture. As it turns out, the process is not all that different from fixing a boat.

The Black Dust You Breathe on BART

EBAYS logo

Results of community-based research conducted by East Bay Academy for Young Scientists youth unveils alarming levels of particulate matter in air at one of San Francisco's most populated BART stations. Read about BART's response to these findings and how this research contributes to protecting the health of commuters and BART employees.

Gift Shopping Success Story

Amid all the traveling, eating, and socializing of the holiday season, my shopping plans fell by the wayside. With finals at UC Berkeley quickly approaching (I'm a student in Business Administration and Media Studies), I wanted a quick way to find the perfect gifts for my friends and family. While I may be a bit biased because I work part-time at the Lawrence Hall of Science, I decided to turn to our own hidden gem—the Discovery Corner Toy & Book Store.

Working Together to Build a Science Education Plan

SBUSD students

Engaging standards-aligned science curriculum is now at the core of teaching in the Santa Barbara Unified School District — thanks to the collaboration between motivated school district leaders, strategic funding from the Wharton Foundation and the community, and the expertise of the Lawrence Hall of Science.

Disability no Barrier to Science

Berkeley Science Review logo

Disabilities can become barriers to science for many students, but the Lawrence Hall of Science wants to change that. Students with disabilities visited the Hall and were inspired by guest speakers who reminded them that science is for everyone.