Lawrence Hall of Science, 50 years: 1968-2018; University of California, Berkeley
Students from KIPP Bridge Charter School in Oakland pose for a photo on Pheena, the whale.

On March 3, dozens of children filed down from their buses to our C-Level Lawn. There, they were greeted by the Golden State Warriors Dance Team and other representatives of the team. The students, from KIPP Bridge Charter School in Oakland, were visiting the Hall as part of ABD’s and the Warriors’ Learning Without Limits program, which provides Bay Area youth with engaging STEM learning experiences.

After donning their Warriors shirts and viewing a brief opening ceremony, the students headed inside to begin their day of learning and fun. They divided and conquered, splitting into three groups to visit various stations throughout the Hall. Students visited Design Quest, where they designed, built, and tested their own rockets, hovercraft, and other contraptions. Several students also created their own animated stories at the Animation Stations.

Up next was a visit to our current featured exhibit, Water’s Extreme Journey. Students learned about the science of the water cycle and the importance of wetlands to a healthy ecosystem. They discovered the things they can do every day to keep our ocean, rivers, and other waterways clean. They also spent a lot of time swinging from the exhibit’s 10-foot zip line.

The real highlight of KIPP students’ visit to the Hall was a special hands-on activity developed by the Hall’s East Bay Academy of Young Scientists (EBAYS) program. The goal of EBAYS programs and activities is to develop young scientists’ skills and understanding of the world around them. Students are encouraged to take the things that they learn and apply them to environmental problems in their own communities.

In the special activity, KIPP students learned about the many types of pollutants that can be present in the air they breathe. They discussed all the things they do daily that contribute to air pollution. Using special tools, the students then explored the museum and took measurements to determine the air quality around the Hall.

The Lawrence Hall of Science is proud to be a part of the Learning Without Limits program, and to host the Warriors and students from KIPP Bridge. The students had a lot of fun, and they learned something, too!

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