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A family smiling together and the child is holding a pumpkin

Happy, Creepy Halloween

Celebrate Halloween with the following activities: Watch Pioneers in Engineering launch pumpkins high into the air with their trebuchet Visit [...]

Midday Science Cafe – Changing climates, changing landscapes: What does this mean for the future?

Dr. Kerri Johnson, a Postdoctoral Scholar at UC Berkeley, will then discuss how climate change is projected to make hillslope [...]

Marketing Lead

Help us tell our story! Everything we do at The Lawrence is in support of our mission: to inspire and [...]

Two children wear safety goggles while performing a science experiment

Establishing a Culture of Figuring Out in Your Next Generation Science Classroom

This edWebinar will be of interest to kindergarten through middle school teachers, librarians, school and district leaders, STEM coordinators, summer [...]

Financial Analyst 2

Applies professional concepts to perform moderate financial and resource analysis to understand past performance and determine present and future performance [...]

A child on the plaza in front of The Lawrence

Members and Friends Preview Days

11am-3pm October 16, 17, 23 and 24, 2021 Help us get back in the swing of things and come preview our refurbished spaces, new exhibits, and old favorites! Anyone who held a valid membership during [...]

Children on the DNA Sculpture on the plaza at The Lawrence

Members Reopening Party

4:00pm - 7:00pm Oct. 29, 2021 Meet some of our animals, take in the new 3D film "Dinosaurs of Antarctica," and strut your stuff in our costume parade! And, of course, marvel at our newly refurbished [...]

Development Officer

Plans, schedules, and implements annual fundraising projects and programs, including the Annual Fund, online giving opportunities such as The BIG GIVE and crowdfunding campaigns, as well as an annual [...]

Student Job: Education Facilitator

Come work at The Lawrence Hall of Science as an Education Facilitator! Work with learners of all ages. Make science fun with hands-on experiences. Collaborate with a supportive team. Learn about [...]

A butterfly lands on a child's finger

Remembering Elizabeth Karplus

Betty dedicated her life to science and learning and was committed to engaging young people of all abilities in [...]

A butterfly lands on a child's finger

Outdoor Nature Lab

About The Outdoor Nature Lab Visitors Can Choose to: Experience a guided observation that inspires deep thinking through your senses [...]

Reopening FAQs

The Lawrence is pleased to welcome back Members, friends, neighbors, and all of our visitors on Saturday October 30, 2021 [...]

A child looking through a microscope with two children looking on

Pandemic Detectives

Diving into the science behind the COVID19 pandemic using hands-on activity stations. Test different mask materials, inspect them under a [...]

View of the The Lawrence and the city below

The Lawrence Reopens Halloween Weekend!

The Lawrence is excited to announce that after being closed for 19 months, we will reopen our doors starting Saturday, [...]

Children sitting on Pheena the Fin Whale on the plaza at The Lawrence

Pheena the Fin Whale

About Pheena Pheena, our life-size fin whale, came to the plaza at the Lawrence Hall of Science in 1975. She [...]

Drawing of the Community Connections exhibit at The Lawrence

Community Connections

About Community Connections We Asked Our Communities: How did you and your loved ones address the many challenges of the [...]

Pinball Palooza

Learn the inner mechanics of a pinball machine, then construct your own! Use everyday materials to create flippers, plungers, and ramps to make your pinball machine uniquely [...]

Optical Illusion challenge

Optical Illusions

Design, build, and test your own optical illusion while learning about the human eye as part of our newest Ingenuity challenge. Observe and compare how optical illusions work as you create fun and [...]

Marble Machines

Use ramps, lifts, tubes, and jumps to design, build, and test your own creative marble machine. Get your marble from Point A to Point B, all while following some surprising paths in [...]

People sitting in a theater with 3D glasses watching a film

3D Theater

About the 3D Theater Learn about a variety of topics from new films each season. Access + Comfort Wheelchair-accessible Assistive [...]

A young child setting a ball at the top of a ramp

Ramps and Rollers

Ramps are one of the basic mechanical devices that allow humans to do work more easily. We use ramps as tools to do ordinary things like loading a truck, or pushing a wheelchair up to an entrance [...]

A child creating a Stop-Motion Story

Stop-Motion Stories

See your own stories and ideas come to life using stop-motion. Stop-motion is an animation technique that has been used by filmmakers for over 100 years to create movement, using still objects and [...]

A student participating in a science class

Making Sense of Science for Decision Making

Grades: 9-10-11-12 Time: 3:30-5pm Date: November 3, 10, 17 & December 1, 8, 15 Location: Zoom Price: $310Financial Aid: A [...]

A student drawing a line with a ruler

Storytelling with Data for Social Change

Grades: 6-7-8 Time: 3:30-5pm Dates: November 3, 10, 17 & December 1, 8, 15 Location: Zoom Price: $310 Have you [...]

A child looking through a magnifying glass

Nature Investigations

Grades 3-4-5 Time: 3:30-4:45pm Date: November 3, 10, 17 & December 1, 8, 15 Location: Zoom Price: $260 Turn over [...]

A child holds up a project made of slime

Slime Engineering

Grades: 1-2 Time: 3:15 – 4:30pm Dates: November 3, 10, 17 & December 1, 8, 15 Location: Zoom Price: $260 [...]

A child participating in a Science Show activity and learning about static electricity

Annual Fund

Help advance our mission by providing resources to strategically respond to critical needs, and support research, development, and launch of new STEM initiatives and [...]

Two children wearing safety goggles conducting a science experiment

Exhibits & Learning Labs

Get your name in front of visitors as they engage in compelling hands-on activities. Sponsor an exhibit on the science center floor. The Lawrence’s learning labs excite young minds and propel our [...]

Two children are using red tape for their science experiment

Branding Opportunities

Put your logo on Sunkits for a School Science Festival give-away, incorporate branded inserts into take-home activities for visitors, and more. We are delighted to work with you to match your [...]

Family exploring one of our science apps together

Online & Virtual Experiences

Get recognition on our Lawrence at Home weekly eblast, virtual events, and online camps and [...]