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Visit the Hall on a field trip. Your students will be amazed and excited by our hands-on exhibits. Plus you can add a private workshop for even more fun while they learn. Perfect for age 2 through grade 12.

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Field Trips | Preschool Ages 2-5

Many science adventures await eager preschoolers who visit us at the Hall. Students explore, play, and investigate as they build science skills with real objects and tools, all with just enough guidance.

Field Trips | Grades K-2

Introduce science and engineering to your students early on. With exactly the right materials and motivation, students take the lead exploring, experimenting, and collaborating to discover and explain the science around them.

Field Trips | Grades 3-6

Build on students' interest in science and help them develop confidence in their own skills. Our exhibits provide for investigations and design challenges that stretch their abilities while creating a vibrant, collaborative atmosphere of new ideas and fresh ways to both share and learn.

Field Trips | Grades 7-12

Middle and High school are unique times, with students developing complex skills and expanding their interests. Hands-on science programs like ours encourage them to take a lead role in science investigations, making connections between content areas as they apply their skills, knowledge, and experiences.

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Field Trips Pricing and FAQ

Check out prices and find the answers to many of your frequently asked questions for field trips at the Lawrence Hall of Science.

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