Touch, Climb, and Crawl

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Touch, Climb, and Crawl

Experience the forces of nature by climbing, pushing, riding, and splashing. Our exhibits encourage interaction—because kids learn by doing.

Touch, Climb, and Crawl

Young Explorers Experience

Young Explorers Experience

Come out to play!

The Hall is a great place to take children who are kindergarten-aged and younger. Find out what's here for your youngster.

Pheena the Fin Whale

Pheena the Whale

Find out just how big a fin whale is when you climb our life-like scale model, Pheena.

DNA Sculpture

DNA Sculpture

Experience the shape of a double helix firsthand by climbing inside our massive DNA sculpture.

Forces that Shape the Bay

Forces That Shape the Bay

Roll up your sleeves for some water play or scope out the Bay with our powerful telescopes.

KidsLab exhibit area


This specially developed area for children in kindergarten and younger features giant foam blocks, a kaleidoscope to crawl through, and a gravity wall.

Get Inspired

Ride a whale. Climb inside DNA. Crawl through a kaleidoscope.

Be a Scientist

Experiment with the the impact of air on the motion of objects. Investigate erosion and water flow. Explore the difference between two- and three-dimensional objects.

Build a Better World

Direct experience of the physical world around us is the first step to becoming a scientist. The child who has played with an air cannon can accept the fact that air has mass. Even as we grow older, physical experiences can deepen conceptual understanding. Playing today is an important step down the path of becoming an innovator tomorrow.