Young Explorers Experience

Young Explorers Experience

As a parent of a young child, you are the best person in the world to spark, support, and sustain your child’s sense of discovery. Come out to play!

Introduce Your Child to Engineering

young engineers at play

Get the Young Engineers at Play Guide

Young children are natural engineers. When you nurture an engineering mindset in their early years, you help your child to develop dispositions for learning. On your next visit, pick up our guide for doing engineering activities with your 2–5 year olds, both at the Hall and at home. Or, download the Young Engineers at Play guide now

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Visitors in kindergarten and younger have this multisensory play area all to themselves.

  • Discover geometry by stacking, connecting, and building with our giant blocks and shapes.
  • Design raceways and explore acceleration with our gravity wall.
  • Enjoy books that emphasize key concepts for young children in our cozy reading area.


The Nano zone can be lots of fun for our smallest visitors. Balance an assortment of blocks on a tippy table, have fun with magnets, and see just how small a nanometer is (and how big you are in comparison) by measuring your height, feet, and hands in nanometers.


Design, Build, Test

Build, stack, and construct with our collection of thousands of building blocks. Toddlers love them too!

Forces that Shape the Bay

Forces that Shape the Bay

Playing in our outdoor science park is like taking a trip to the banks of a river. Kids can control the water flowing from a simulated Sierra Nevada, dig in the sand on specially designed erosion tables, look through a telescope, and climb around a giant sculpture.





Our 20-minute long Planetarium programs are perfect for all ages. Journey to the planets in our solar system, view constellations in the night sky, and see where your imaginate can take you with the help of our interactive Planetarium presentations. 

Animal and girl with lizzard

Animal Discovery Room

Visit the Animal Discovery Room during its open hours and get to know our friendly animals. Learn how they move, what they feel like, and where they live.


Workshops and Parties



Hands-on workshops integrate science and math concepts with stories, games, and role-playing. Weekend workshops happen seasonally. We also offer classroom workshops for your playgroup or child’s preschool at custom dates and times.

Birthday party

Birthday Parties

For kids turning age 4 and older.

Your child can explore space, animals, physics, or chemistry with friends and family with a fun-filled birthday bash at the Hall!

Parties include:

  • A 50-minute, fun and interactive workshop for as many as 15 children
  • Admission for up to 15 children, each accompanied by an adult
  • Reserved space in a shared multipurpose room after your workshop for your refreshments, or catering in The Grizzly Peak Café

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