Earth and Space

Science On a Sphere (SOS)®

Get an astronaut's-eye-view of Earth's surface as it changes minute to minute, by the hour, through the seasons, and over the years. You won't need a spacecraft to see it happen at Science On a Sphere®.

Science On a Sphere® creates stunning visual effects from real scientific data, and displays them dynamically on a six-foot-diameter globe. Visitors can watch the expanding wave pattern of a devastating tsunami, massive storms forming and moving over Earth's oceans and landmasses, night lights around the globe that reveal our planet's most densely populated areas, and more.

Suspended from the ceiling, the animated sphere seems to float in space—the way Earth looks to astronauts in space. Images of our planet's weather patterns, climate change, ocean temperature, and more on the giant globe help visitors of all ages understand complex environmental processes that affect everyone on our planet.

Science On a Sphere® was developed by researchers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).