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Earth and Space

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Earth and Space

Explore Earth and its relationship to the rest of the universe. Learn about the forces that shape our planet and its geography by investigating our terrain, satellite data, and physical laws like gravity that are always in play.

Earth and Space

Augmented Reality Sandbox

Make digital rain fall down the slopes of a kinetic sand landscape of valleys, mountains, and plateaus.

Science On a Sphere®

Discover how satellite data and scientific models can help us understand climate change, predict the weather, and navigate oceans. SOS is a six-foot, three-dimensional digital projection of the Earth that hovers in the air.

Forces That Shape the Bay

Find out how local fault lines, earthquakes, and erosion created our geography. Get an introduction to geology and hydrology, and take a look at the Bay through powerful telescopes.


Take a fascinating tour of the planets and the moons that orbit them. Identify constellations and find out more about the universe.


Observe how the path of the sun across the sky varies from season to season. This 18-foot granite sculpture on the Hall’s back lawn is an astronomical tool.

Get Inspired

Experience your place in the universe in our digital Planetarium. Get a 360-degree view of the Earth’s ocean and atmosphere on an illuminated six-foot globe. Step outside to take in a view of the entire Bay Area.

Be a Scientist

Look for developing storms and recent earthquakes. Detect planets orbiting other stars. Create dams and rivers. Use our unique modeling tools to investigate the forces that shape the Bay, the Earth, and the universe.

Build a Better World

When we understand the physical world around us, we can appreciate the forces that create our dramatic scenery as well as the sheer magnitude of the universe. This perspective is key as we deal with local challenges like living in a seismically active zone, as well as global problems like climate change. We have an impact on the Earth and the Earth has an impact on our lives. When we understand that, we can work to design solutions to the challenges facing us.