The Bay Area and Beyond

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The Bay Area and Beyond

Here we are, in a place created by earthquakes, erosion, wind, and weather. Experience small-scale versions of the geologic forces that shape and reshape landmasses like those in the Bay Area, with the spectacular panoramic view of the entire bay as a dramatic backdrop.

The Bay Area and Beyond

Forces That Shape the Bay

Control the water flow from the simulated Sierra Nevada, or roll up your sleeves at our hands-on erosion tables. At this outdoor exhibit you can experience geologic forces, compare rock types, and explore our native plant collection.

The View

Take in our panoramic view of the San Francisco Bay, in person or in real time.

Ernest O. Lawrence

The Hall and two national laboratories are named after him. Find out more about Ernest O. Lawrence and his contributions to modern science.

Get Inspired

Sculpt a landscape. See a real Nobel prize. Soak in the view.

Be a Scientist

Divert rivers and model how erosion changes a landscape. Explore the impact of the motion of the Earth. Find out more about Ernest O. Lawrence and the powerful scientific tool he created, the cyclotron.

Build a Better World

The Bay Area landscape is continually shaped and reshaped by a unique combination of geologic, hydrologic, and human forces. Ernest O. Lawrence put the Bay Area on the map in science, technology, and innovation. Knowledge of this area’s geologic and scientific history helps us understand and appreciate where we are today.