SOS Exhibit

The Lawrence Hall of Science is UC Berkeley’s public science center and a destination for science fun for more than 40 years. Come visit our featured and ongoing exhibits—and explore science by doing science.

Featured Exhibits

Exhibit Experiences

girl with iguana

Animal Investigations

Visit our animals—including iguanas, chinchillas, and the insect zoo—and find out how they have adapted to their environments. Learn what they eat, where they live, and how they move.


spherical magnet

Science Today

Find out what scientists at UC Berkeley and around the world are working on—right now. View nanoparticles under an electron microscope, and watch climate change unfold in real time via a 3-D digital projection of the Earth.


girl building a bridge

Design, Build, Test

Team up with Cal Engineering students to tackle a design challenge—a bridge, kinetic sculpture, scribbling machine—then build a prototype and test it. Wooden blocks and a gravity wall keep young designers busy.

silhouettes in front of Science On a Sphere®

Earth and Space

Stargaze in our planetarium, or climb through an 18-foot granite sunstone that tracks the position of the Earth in space. Observe actual weather patterns and city lights on a six-foot-diameter, 3-D digital projection of our planet.

Child climbing on DNA

Touch, Climb, and Crawl

Stack and connect massive foam blocks and shapes. Crawl through a kaleidoscope, assemble a track on the gravity wall, or scale the back of a life-sized model fin whale.

Children digging sand in Forces that Shaped the Bay

The Bay Area and Beyond

Experience small-scale versions of the geologic forces that have shaped the Bay Area. Control the water flow from the simulated Sierra Nevada, set erosion in motion at our hands-on erosion tables, and check out the Bay with powerful telescopes.

Girl playing with exhibit

Puzzles and Brain Teasers

Enjoy math games from all over the world. Try a hexagonal board game from Denmark, a 4,000-year-old Chinese number puzzle, a pattern game from the Congo, and more.


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