Sunday, February 12, 2017

3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

For adults and up to 2 children (Grades 1–6)* Free with paid admission. Free for members.

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Family Tools for Learning

Thanks to overwhelming interest, this session is now full. Register now to be placed on the waitlist.

Join your child on a trip to the classroom and discover the knowledge and tools you will need to help them succeed in mathematics.

In this workshop, we will help you develop strategies for working with your child as they learn math in a deeper and more connected way. At the same time, your elementary schooler will be engaged in fun math activities. You’ll then meet back up with your child to practice your new strategies as you work together through math games, puzzles, and activities.

Build your confidence with the new Common Core State Standards in mathematics and gain a "toolkit for learning" that will help you support your child’s success both at home and in the classroom.

*Common core discussion is targeted for grades 3–5.

For Parents

How was the experience of learning mathematics for you? Was it enjoyable? Or was it painful?

In the past, schools overemphasized memorization as the main way of learning mathematics. But the challenges our children will face in the future are far from just using a well-rehearsed procedure or algorithm.

The Common Core State Standards in mathematics are helping prepare your child for the future. We at the Hall can help prepare you to support them even if the math work may look different from what and how you learned!

For Your Child

Through activities that will encourage exploration and discovery, children will expand their understanding from whole numbers to fractions. They will use these understandings to reason about relationships—the foundation of critical thinking—as they play and develop number and fraction sense.

For Your Family

This is a family event, for parents and their children!

Together with your child, learn more about the Common Core State Standards for mathematics, and develop strategies to support your child’s math understanding at home. You and your child will learn to use math to describe the world around us.

This workshop will focus on math concepts in 3rd–5th grade, but we welcome families with students in 1st–6th grade to attend.

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Harold Asturias is the director of the Center for Mathematics Excellence and Equity (CeMEE) at the Lawrence Hall of Science. He has extensive experience providing professional development in the areas of standards and assessment in mathematics. Harold has worked with teachers in large urban districts—Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, Oakland, and San Francisco, for example—as well as in smaller and rural districts. Over the past few years, he has focused on the area of designing and implementing professional development and coaching for K–12 mathematics teachers who teach English Language Learners.

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Karen Mayfield-Ingram is the director of Oakland Urban Teacher Residency and the associate director of EQUALS and FAMILY MATH programs. Her work focuses on mathematics and equity professional development, teacher leadership, and parent involvement. Karen has worked with schools and districts in the Greater Bay Area on their curriculum and instructional plans for the CCSS-M. She is the author of The Journey—Through Middle School Math and was the coeditor of the Families Ask column for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

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