Sunday, January 29, 2017 to Sunday, April 30, 2017

10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Included with your admission. Free for members.

Become a Raindrop and Travel Through the Water Cycle

Developed with world-renowned marine life artist Wyland, Water’s Extreme Journey takes visitors on an exciting and important quest for clean water.

Discover what it’s like to be a water drop traveling through rivers, lakes, wetlands, and even your own home, as you make your way into the healthy ocean. Have fun riding the Watershed Zipline, walking through the Wetland Slow Zone, and snap a pic of your family “swimming” with the dolphins, all while developing a deeper understanding of your place in the water ecosystem.

Become a Raindrop

Water drops face many hurdles as they interact with humans. Does the farm they encounter use pesticides? Did someone get messy changing their oil, or flush prescription drugs down the toilet?

Clean choices keep our water sources healthy and moving toward a clean ocean. Dirty choices send our drops down the urban storm drain to the unhealthy ocean, where they evaporate, condense, and precipitate for another try.

Young adult woman riding the zipline

Watershed Zipline

Take on a 10-foot zip line and experience what it’s like for a raindrop to travel through a rushing river into a watershed.

Local Watershed Experience

Shed some light on your watershed! An interactive model and bird’s-eye view of a small town teaches visitors to explore the various ways that everyday actions affect communal waters.

Young girl exiting the Slow Zone giant wetland model

Wetlands Slow Zone

Travel through a giant wetland model to learn how grass and other plants naturally filter water.

Art in Action

Write a letter, draw a picture, and share your ideas for making a positive impact on your local watershed. Your letters and paintings will be delivered to regional political figures in support of clean water initiatives, creating an immediate impact that visitors will enjoy and remember.

Two boys working on the Water Cycle Puzzle

Water Cycle Puzzle

If you were a raindrop, where might you go? Complete the water cycle puzzle and send water on a journey into a whale, onto a leaf, or down a drain. It’s up to you!

Swim with the Dolphins

Snap a great take-home picture of you and your family “swimming” with the dolphins in the “Peekaboo” station. Share your favorite pictures on Instagram and tag @BerkeleyScience.

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