Open Make @ the Hall

2013 Season Officially Completed!
Thanks to everyone who made this year's Open Make @ the Hall events amazing!

Discover the tools, techniques, and ingenuity of local Makers and make your own artistic and innovative creations.

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Open Make @ the Hall: Cities
Open Make @ the Hall: Games & Toys
Open Make @ the Hall: Bikes
Open Make @ the Hall: Tiny Tech

Want to be part of a Young Makers club?

The Young Makers program connects young people (ages 8-17) with adult mentors and fabricators to create opportunities for kids to dream up and develop projects for exhibition at Maker Faire each year. You can register as a Young Maker and take Open Make to the next level.


Previous Events

January 19: Cities

People in cities around the world rely on new inventions. Come make something new out of recycled materials that will positively impact your city. Featured Makers and activity leaders include:

  • Watch as Craig Hansen builds Giant City-Bot Man X-3!, a friendly cardboard robot made from city blocks, billboards, and streets.
  • Make a giant growing city to which you can add your own designs with Franchesca Borgata from East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse.
  • Disassemble and repair your broken household appliances with Peter Mui from Fixit Clinic. Bring your own!
  • Use MaKey MaKey to turn coffee cans and other unexpected materials into functional keyboards, which you can use to play a city building game with the Hall's Teen Interns.
  • Get a sneak peak at the light installation that will live on the Bay Bridge West Span starting later this year from Bay Lights.

February 16: Games & Toys

Put your creative hat on and go crazy with board games, video games, and engaging gadgets. Make a new creation that’s inspired by play. Makers and activities include:

  • Make floppy-disk derby cars and pinwheels with Ignacio Zulueta from East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse.
  • Jump into hands-on making with Jay Silver, inventor of MaKey MaKey.
  • Wire your dreamhouse with Alice Brooks and Bettina Chen from Roominate.
  • Craig Hansen will showcase his finished Giant City-Bot Man X-3!
  • Make hybrid sculptures out of dolls, action figures, and other toys with Young Makers Elsa Rudolph-Swanson and Annabel Dudash of MUTANTS.
  • Generate high frequencies with Young Maker Cameron Mira's audio-modulated full-bridge Tesla coil.
  • Make speedy mouse trap cars with Ace Monster Toys of Oakland.

March 16: Bikes

How can you use a bike for more than mere transportation? Come make bicycle hacks, like pedal-powered electronics and art, or learn how to fix your own bike. There will be opportunities to ride bikes, so make sure to bring a helmet! Featured Makers and activity leaders include:

  • Join in an Energy Bike + iPad demo with Stephanie Chang from Bike-to-Scale.
  • Create "bike frills" for your bike with the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse.
  • Try out Young Makers Stavros Boutris and Jake Wallin's "whacky bikes" made from recycled old bikes and other wheeled objects.
  • Create pedal powered music and learn how Paul Freedman from Rock the Bike makes his bike installations.
  • Make a fruit smoothie with a pedal-powered blender and the East Bay Bicycle Coalition.
  • Join an electric bikes demonstration with the Hall's resident astronomer Alan Gould.
  • Ride one of 15 altered bikes built by Cyclecide on the plaza. Bring your helmet!
  • Use Katharine-Ellen Jolda's Cyclocarder to clean and card wool.

April 20: Tiny Tech

Coincides with UC Berkeley's Cal Day

Miniatures, nanotechnology, and the super-tiny come out at our final Open Make of the season. Get inspired by the big impact your mini-creations can have. Featured Makers and activity leaders include:

  • Explore nanotechnology with the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network and make your own gummy capsule, play with smart metals, make a liquid crystal sensor, and experiment with superhydrophobic surfaces.
  • Make robotic cockroaches with Sam Burden, PhD Candidate in Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences.  
  • Build with Ohio Art's nanoblocks.
  • Use a variety of magnification devices to explore every objects at various scales with Playful Science.
  • Play with Dash, the super fast six legged robot made from cardboard and designed by Paul Birkmeyer of Dash Robotics.
  • Discover nano-materials that can turn waste energy, like vibrations, into useful energy with maker Fatima Alleyne.
  • Explore the material toughness of seashells, real and man-made, with nano-scientist Valentina Naglieri from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
  • Upcycle breath mint tins and create your own tiny keepsake box with collage images, scrapbook paper, stickers, figurines, ribbons, buttons and ephemera with Jennifer Jordan-Wong from the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse.
  • Check out a VEX robot, a party shirt that lights up to the beat of music, and an electronic pop-up book made by Young Makers from Lighthouse Charter School.