Monday, February 20, 2017

11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

children conducting water experiment

Become an East Bay Water Scientist

Join our interns from the East Bay Academy for Young Scientists (EBAYS) program to learn about and investigate the water quality in the Bay Area.

Our EBAYS teens will help you step into the shoes of a water quality scientist as you measure key chemical compounds from samples collected around the East Bay. Then, use your investigation skills to help clear up the “water quality mystery!”

Bring the whole family! Age-appropriate activities will be available for younger guests.

Where in the Bay Area did these water samples come from? How can we figure it out? And why could one water sample be different from a sample taken a few miles away?

Water might seem simple—and you use it every day—but by looking at different chemical compounds present in the water, the story quickly becomes more complex!

Observe and test water samples, compare your samples with data already gathered about water in the Bay Area, and then work together with other guests and our EBAYS teens to figure out where the water might have come from.

By engaging in these age-appropriate measurement and analysis experiences, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of how the use of scientific practices can enhance understanding of natural environments, as well as the critical thinking skills and awareness to take action.

EBAY students research water at Lake Merritt

East Bay Water Detectives activities are ideal for children ages 4–12. They are facilitated by trained high school aged interns affiliated with our EBAYS program.

Continue your exploration as water quality scientists by visiting our featured exhibit, Water’s Extreme Journey, or head to the Forces that Shape the Bay zone. There you can explore what influences and shapes the water of the Bay Area—where and why water flows, and how water can be different in different locations.

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