Camps and Classes


Techtorials are a workshop series for adults and for kids 12 and older. Accomplish a project with the new skills you'll develop, while you meet other people who share your interests.

This fall, learn how to code a game in Scratch, build a retro radio, and create stop-motion animations.

TechHive Teen

Second Sunday of the month
1:00–3:00 p.m., ages 12 and up

$40 each
Members registration: August 21
General registration: August 28

Sunday, December 14 | Animate Your Doodles
Learn how to use iStopMotion, a simple frame-by-frame animation software, to animate your drawings and other media. You’ll walk away with a completed piece to share with friends. No previous animation experience is required.

Sunday, November 9 | Build a Retro AM Radio Past
Create engineering magic with tin foil, wire, and cardboard tubes. Make an actual functioning radio with macro-parts, rather than the micro-bits that are in your phone and your radio.

Sunday, October 12 | Design an Arcade Game Past
Use Scratch, an entry-level programming language, to make big ideas into quick prototypes. Exercise your imagination to turn everyday objects into control pads with the weird and wonderful MaKey MaKey.


Knowing how to program helps you to create games and other cool programs on computers. Once you learn how to use scratch and MaKey MaKey in the Design an Arcade Game Techtorial you'll be able to make even more projects on your own. Check out this video of Hall interns getting a crash course in MaKey MaKey.