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Electrical circuity workshops

Helping homeschooling parents support their children's science learning is important to us. Our homeschool classes engage students in experimenting, developing ideas, and working together as they learn and build new skills.


2015–2016 Homeschool Classes

Wednesdays, once-monthly
Science Workshops 1:30–2:30 p.m.
Engineering Workshops 1:30–2:40 p.m.
$25 ($20 for members)
Ages 7–10

October 21 | Engineering with Hydraulics Students are introduced to engineering and properties of fluids as they envision and build a hydraulic contraption. This experience focuses on students' defining problems, designing and evaluating solutions, and taking the time to assess, discuss, and redesign their creations. 

November 18 | Squid: The Inside Story Students discover unique structures and adaptations as they examine and dissect fresh squid. They identify the parts of the digestive and respiratory systems and see the difference between male and female squid.

December 16 | Engineering Structures Find your inner engineer by exploring structures. Explore how strong paper can be as you build and test structures out of various recycling materials and test them for their performance.

January 20 | Constellations Tonight Explore the night sky in our Planetarium and find the season's most prominent constellations using a simple star map, then take the map home for more exploration in the real night sky.

February 17 | Engineering Urban Water Design Learn how engineers influence the water we use and drink by becoming a water engineer. Create model cities and design your own systems to make urban water safe, sustainable, and (re)useable.

March 16 | Pop Goes the Acid Students put a twist on the classic fizzy reaction between acids and baking soda by enclosing their experiments in expanding containers–and hoping for a "pop". The volume of gas produced helps them determine the strongest household acids.

April 20 | Circuit Engineering Engage in fun ways to explore circuitry. Create simple and complex circuits and design, build and test new inventions using motors, buzzers, light and moveable parts. 

May 18 | Light and Laser Students explore properties of light using lasers, mirrors, and put on their own light shows with motorized mirrors.


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