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Electrical circuity workshops

Helping homeschooling parents support their children's science learning is important to us. Our homeschool classes engage students in experimenting, developing ideas, and working together as they learn and build new skills.

2013–2014 Homeschool Classes

Tuesdays, 1:30–2:30 p.m.
$20 ($17 for members)
Ages 7–10

Online registration for January-May 2014 classes is now open.

December 17 | Constellations Tonight Full
Explore the night sky in our Planetarium and learn to use a star map to find the season's most prominent constellations- then take the map home to practice with the real night sky.

January 28 | Pop Goes the Acid
Students put a twist on the classic fizzy reaction between acids and baking soda by enclosing their experiments in expanding containers–and hoping for a "pop". The volume of gas produced helps them determine the strongest household acids.

February 25 | Electric Circuitry
With wires, lightbulbs, batteries, switches and just the right amount of guidance, students assemble working electric circuits and see how different circuits affect the flow of electric current.

March 18 | Hands On Geology Full
Students become geologists as they explore Earth's layers with clay models, and investigate Earth's crust by performing tests on igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks.

April 22 | Amazing Brain Full
Examine real brains from animals such as birds, reptiles, small mammals and even a human. Observe sensory behavior of live animals and design experiments to test which sense an animal relies on most.

May 20 | Wind Turbines Full
Design, build, and test a high-efficiency wind turbine that can harness the power of the wind. Experiment with the length, weight, number, and angles of the blades, and then test your design to see how much electricity it generates.


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