Camps and Classes

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Get into potions, pollywogs, engineering, dinosaurs, bugs, and more through our classes and camps. They are all hands-on and age-specific, so that every child learns by doing, every day.

Winter Camp

Have a blast doing science in one of our winter-themed camps for kids ages 4–11. Experiment with cold weather, wintry animals, edible-science, and more. Registration opens October 8.


Have you ever dreamed of animating a film, learning a programming language, or being a designer? Now’s your chance to get started with a fun, half-day technology workshop. See which programs are coming up.

Little Explorers Workhops

Join us for our Little Explorers Workshops for kids ages 3–6. You can also create a science afterschool program for your club, scout group, or playgroup. Registration is now open.

Homeschool Classes

This is the place for kids to experiment, develop ideas, and work together as they learn and build new skills. Classes highlight chemistry, astronomy, biology, and electricity. Registration is now open.

Birthday Parties

Celebrate your birthday by treating friends to a private and hands-on hour-long science workshop. Choose from popular themes, such as the Solar System, inventing, or animal discovery.

Summer Camps

At the Lawrence Hall of Science, campers age 4 through grade 12 do hands-on exploration every day. Subscribe to our eNewsletter to get up-to-date information on next year's Summer Camps.

Create Your Own Custom Program

Call us and we'll help you develop a custom program for your afterschool clubs, scout groups, or playgroups. You can arrange workshops on a variety of subjects, at convenient weekday times and dates, for groups of 12–30 children. For more information on how to schedule a custom group program, call 510-642-5134 Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.