Planetarium Programs

Back to the Moon For Good

Help plan a route to the Moon, and see the lunar robot inventions teams around the world are planning to send to the Moon. Vote for your favorite team. With $30 Million at stake, who has the best idea for the Lunar XPRIZE?
Recommended for ages 8 and up.


Our Changing Moon

Do you know the difference between a waxing crescent and a waning gibbous? Discover the answer to this question and more as we explore our sister world, the Moon. Observe and learn the reasons for Moon phases and eclipses, then fasten your seat belts for a whirlwind tour of the Moon's craters, seas, and more.


Jupiter's Moons and Beyond

Travel back in time and follow in Galileo's footsteps to discover the moons of Jupiter. Learn how this simple observation changed astronomy forever. Then, blast off in the Planetarium to fly up close to these moons and your choice of the dozens of other moons in our Solar System.


A Sky Full of Stars

What's that in the sky? We use our friendly Planetarium as a time machine to speed through a day, observing the sky from the Sun to the stars. Once night falls, the audience can stargaze at the Big Dipper, and imagine pictures in the stars. Then we can planet-hop within our Solar System to visit planets up close. What can you see in a sky full of stars?
Recommended for ages 4–8, with adult.