Planetarium Programs

Imagine the Sky Tonight

How do you find the Big Dipper?  How about the Great Square in Pegasus?  Come inside our planetarium to learn how to use a star map to find any constellation, and then take a star map home to explore your own sky tonight!  Ask questions you've always had about contellations and space in our live, and interactive star hunt.


Searching for Other Earths

What is an exoplanet, and how do you find them?  What is a transit and how did NASA's Kepler mission use them to discover more alien planets than ever before.  We'll even try hunting for exoplanets with some simulated data.  Is another Earth out there?  Come to our show to find out.


What's in Your Zodiac Sign?

What is a zodiac sign and why are they so special?  Join us on a journey through your zodiac sign, and discover objects of interest in the zodiac that will be studied by NASA's new K2 mission!