About Our Planetarium

The audience is part of the program

The staff of the Lawrence Hall of Science Planetarium have developed an international reputation as leaders in the design of audience-participation planetarium programs. Over 55 million people have explored the skies through planetarium programs developed here at the Hall and offered at 220+ planetariums nationwide.

The Planetarium is the proving ground for the Planetarium Activities for Student Success (PASS) project, which develops, tests, and disseminates audience-participation programs to planetariums worldwide.

State of the Art Viewing!

Experience our all-digital projection system and Digitarium Epsilon fulldome video projector, with the option of running either the Digitalis Edition of Stellarium or DigitalSky2 from Sky-Skan, Inc. Fulldome video allows images, video clips, and other visuals to be seen anywhere on the dome. Visitors can see the sky from anywhere and any time on Earth, but we can also even "leave" Earth and "fly" throughout the Solar System and throughout the Universe!

The setup of the Planetarium includes:

  • Digitarium Epsilon projector capable of running Nightshade or DigitalSky 2
  • 9-meter (30-foot) negative-pressure Geodesic Pacific Dome
  • 50-person capacity in two rows of bench seats with reclined backs, with wheelchair access
  • Sound system by Pro Home systems, using Meyer Sound components

Just as they have since our first Planetarium was constructed in 1973 (with a GOTO Mercury opto-mechanical star projector), all of our programs continue to be completely live and interactive, so that activities and your questions are part of the program.