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Make Your Own Star Clock

  1. Print this page from browser and cut out the circles below. If you don't have a printer, try drawing your own star clock by copying the images below.

  2. Cut the notch on the smaller (blue) circle.

  3. Place the small circle on top of the large circle. Push a large paper faster to make a center hole through both circles and spread open the fastener on the back slde of the Star Clock or poke a hole through the circles with a pencil then thread a string or thin rubber band through the hole and knot it on both sides.

Using the Star Clock

  1. Find the Big Dipper and the North Star, as shown on the face of your Star Clock.

  2. Face the North Star, as shown on the front of the clock.

  3. Find the current month around the outside circle of the Star Clock. Put your thumb over the current month. Hold your Star Clock so the current month, marked by your thumb is AT THE TOP.

  4. Holding the large disc firmly with the current month at the top, turn the smaller disc until its stars line up with those in the sky.

  5. Read the time in the window.

  6. If you are on Daylight Savings Time, add one hour.

Star Clocks are a part of the
"Sky Challenger Guides and Games for Stargazers"

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