Professional Development

Alliance for Collaborative Change in School Systems (ACCESS)

ACCESS worked in partnership with Northern California school districts to strengthen the capacity of schools to prepare students, particularly those from historically underrepresented groups, for college.

ACCESS offered regularly scheduled, site-based mathematics professional development, coaching, and planning services for teachers and administrative staff, primarily at grades 6-12.  We also assisted in developing high-quality mathematics curricula and assessment materials. The program focused on increasing teachers' ability to teach a standards-based mathematics curriculum and enhancing their use of a wide range of instructional strategies and resources that address the academic learning needs of a diverse student group.

The program goal was to help students develop the motivation, mathematical knowledge, and problem-solving skills they need in order to become academically competitive and successfully prepare for four-year colleges and careers.  Additionally, ACCESS activities contributed to the knowledge base of effective teaching, learning, and assessment practices.

This program was developed primarily for grades 6-12.