Professional Development

Legacy of Success

Since 1968, our professional development programs have inspired teachers and school administrators, offering them new skills and innovative approaches to science and math education.

Our most effective past programs, noted here, can give you ideas about how to work with the Hall in the future. If you are interested in launching a new program based on any of those described below, please let us know.

ACCESS worked in partnership with Northern California districts to prepare students for success in college mathematics by inspiring and enabling them to learn prerequisite concepts and skills.

BEAM is a three-year staff development project being implemented throughout California.

The Center for Assessment and Evaluation of Student Learning (CAESL) is a National Science Foundation-funded Center for Learning and Teaching in partnership with WestEd, the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education, UCLA, and Stanford University.

ELDI-MC focuses on increasing participants’ knowledge and proficiency in application of the English Language Development standards, providing access to high-quality mathematics for English language learning students, and deepening participants’ understanding of mathematics content knowledge in the area of algebra and algebraic thinking.

Family Health, a collaboration of UC Berkeley's LHS and School of Public Health presents exciting health science activities for families, schools, and community groups.