Professional Development


Our EQUALS professional development workshops deepen your understanding of mathematics, pedagogy, and complex equity issues to improve your effectiveness as a mathematics teacher or educator. Also, we help you understand how your instructional decisions increase or limit students’ access to mathematics.

EQUALS was founded in 1977 to develop techniques for keeping young girls interested in mathematics. Over the years this focus has expanded to include people of all colors, socio-economic classes, and diverse language backgrounds.

We can help you make math education equally accessible to all of your students. We can also help you get families involved in their children’s mathematics education. Topics we cover include:

• Common Core State Standards
• Algebra
• Geometry
• Changing practices for diverse classrooms
• Cooperative learning and problem-solving strategies
• English language development and mathematics content
FAMILY MATH for young children, elementary, and middle school
FAMILY MATH Leader workshops

For more information, email or call (510) 642-1823.