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The dedication to educational technology that made the Lawrence Hall of Science a leader in public computing decades ago lives on today in a range of exciting new media projects. Our in-house programmers, designers, and producers foster inquiry-rich experiences through innovative design and development techniques.

Examples of new media development can be seen throughout our programs and products, including:

Mobile Apps

We have brought some of the best aspects of hands-on learning and effective educator tools to our new mobile apps for the iPad and iPhone. Funded by the NIH, "I Got This" is an interactive story about living with type 2 diabetes. "Monster Heart Medic," our first app available on both iOS and Android, engages players with an educational adventure game about a monster with a cardiovascular problem. DIY Human Body, part of the NIH series as "Monster Heart Medic" and "I Got This," families and educators can investigate and learn about the human body at home, school, or anywhere you go. DIY Lake Science, funded by the NSF, challenges families to explore lake ecosystems with a simulated lake and hands-on activities. DIY Sun Science allows families and educators to investigate and learn about the Sun through hands-on activities, images & videos, and live views from NASA satellites. DIY Nano, created in partnership with the NISE network, explores do-it-yourself nanotechnology activities within the context of a recipe app-like interactive platform. Howtosmile is an intelligent mobile search engine across the popular catalog of free hands-on activities at Find these apps at the links below:

For iPhone
Roadside Heritage
For iPad
DIY Nano DIY Nano
For iPhone
2014 Featured in FamilyFun DIY Nano featured in September 2014 issue
DIY Nano DIY Nano HD
For iPad


The Hall has a large family of websites of all sizes and functions, from our Drupal-driven home page to highly specialized project pages. Our technology developers use the latest dynamic programming tools to deliver websites filled with interactive media and opportunities for visitor contributions. Although the Hall has websites for many audiences, we specialize in websites for youth and the educator community. Enjoy the examples below:

Digital Libraries

The Hall is a leader in creating digital libraries for both informal and formal education communities. Our group has developed metadata schema, user interfaces, and back-end systems for popular digital libraries by leveraging the experience and open-source platform of the National Science Digital Library (NSDL). The Hall, in partnership with the NSDL and a network of science museums, created, an online portal for museum and outdoor educators, afterschool front-line staff, homeschoolers, librarians, and others to discover and share great activities. The Hall also created the design and technology platform for the digital library from all NASA Science Missions Directorate education and outreach materials at and the back-end cataloging system for the new from the Center for the Advancement of Informal Science Education (CAISE). :

For more information visit the websites below:

Exhibit Design

Technology has become a vital part of museum exhibits designed and fabricated at the Hall or through our partners. We build engaging and interactive experiences by incorporating technology into contextual exhibit design or by using digital media platforms in novel ways. Learn more about some of our technology-enhanced exhibit projects at the links below:

Flex-hibits Flex-hibits


Rich media, interactives, and simulations are used to enhance many curriculum products developed at the Hall including those from FOSS, GEMS, SEPUP, MARE, and EQUALS. Our technology and curriculum developers work as full partners to create research-based materials that carry on our tradition of excellence. The results of this partnership scaffold science and math learning experiences with engagement and strong content. Below are some examples of activities from our curricula:

image Recycling
Beetle Beetle
earthbuilder Earth Builder
image Evaporation
image Evaporation
image Tides