Learning Design

Ocean Science

The Lawrence Hall of Science is committed to promoting the study of ocean sciences as an integral part of the core science curriculum. Understanding the ocean is an essential part of becoming science literate.

At the Hall, we are working to elevate ocean sciences to a place of prominence in the education system that is comparable to its prominence and importance in the scientific community. The Hall is part of a large community of scientists and educators nationwide working on this effort. Our leadership in the Ocean Literacy Campaign resulted in "Ocean Literacy: The Principles of Ocean Sciences K-12" and the "Ocean Literacy Scope & Sequence for Grades K-12." This Ocean Literacy Framework is now regarded as a foundational resource for science and ocean sciences education.

Our goal is to transform the existing educational system to include accurate and compelling ocean sciences content and practices. We envision a day when all students are Ocean Literate by the end of high school.

Informal educational environments like science centers offer another opportunity to emphasize ocean sciences. Lifelong learning occurs within a matrix of formal and informal educational environments. We create compelling ocean sciences content and tools that can be used in a variety of environments. We provide professional development to support educators and scientists, develop programs and curriculum materials for all levels K-college, and provide educational research, evaluation, and assessment services.


Our programs and partnerships include:

The Ocean Literacy Campaign

The Ocean Literacy campaign began in 2003 to promote ocean sciences education. It has had national and international impact, influencing in-school and out-of school programs as well as the National Academy of Science Framework for Science Education and hopefully, the Next Generation Science Standards.

Marine Activities Resources and Education (MARE)

This K-8 ocean-sciences curriculum and professional development program has been implemented in over 700 schools across the U.S. and in Mexico, Finland, and Japan.

Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence-California (COSEE CA)

COSEE CA is a partnership between the Hall, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, San Diego Unified School District, College of Exploration, and University of Hawaii. It was created to promote ocean literacy nationwide. The Hall serves as the Central Office for COSEE CA and leads the Communicating Ocean Sciences and the Ocean Literacy Campaign initiatives.

Communicating Ocean Sciences Courses

These award-winning college-level courses are developed for undergraduate and graduate students in science disciplines. They are designed to help future scientists communicate their subjects, and to help them understand the importance of education, outreach, and the broader impact of their work in ocean sciences.

Reflecting on Practice Workshops

Reflecting on Practice (RoP) is an intensive professional development program developed for science educators in informal environments like aquariums, zoos, and science centers. It immerses them in discussions about and applications of research and theory on the subject of learning and teaching science.