Learning Design

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The Lawrence Hall of Science is a recognized leader in pre-K–12 science and mathematics education. Our efforts range from educational research to curriculum development, hands-on investigations to multimedia interactive tools. We produce challenging and fun learning experiences—always research-based, and always rigorously tested for effectiveness.

Curriculum Design

Learning experiences can be intentionally designed to achieve any set of goals, and to be used by any audience. When done well, the results are engaging and effective. The Hall has decades of experience developing award-winning curriculum materials, designed for a variety of goals, and for a wide range of audiences.

Ocean Science

Ocean science has a remarkable blend of different disciplines embedded. It also has tremendous importance in terms of modern societal imperatives for better human behavior towards the environment. The Hall is working to promote the study of ocean sciences, improve ocean literacy, and make this subject matter more accessible to the public.

Mathematics and Equity

It is so important that all students are inspired and prepared in mathematics. Mathematics is essential not only to understanding science, but to understanding the world around us. All of our mathematics programs, for example the EQUALS program, increase awareness of complex equity issues in math education.

Science and Literacy

Science isn’t just comprised of physical phenomena. It involves the ways we learn about those phenomena through firsthand experiences and reading text, the ways we engage in talk about them and construct explanations, and the ways we share our findings and thinking through writing. Increasingly, evidence shows that integrating science and literacy results in more effective learning in both domains. The Hall is a pioneer in the creation of approaches that provide explicit instruction in both science and literacy, as well as those that integrate the use of notebooks and readers with inquiry science.

Earth and Space Science

Learning about the Earth and our place in the universe provides an essential backdrop for understanding the science around us. The Hall has a particularly rich and varied collection of Earth and space-science curriculum programs for use in multiple settings.