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Make a Paper Bag Kite

Here are the simple steps to making your own Paper Bag Kite!

Materials List: 

  • paper lunch bag
  • colored streamers
  • string or yarn
  • crayons or markers
  • tape
  • scissors

Kite Making, Step 1

Step 1

Cut off the bottom of the bag. Have an adult help you with this.


Kite Making, Step 2
Step 2

Decorate the bag.

Kite Making, Step 3


Step 3

Attach colored streamers with tape on one end of the bag—three streamers are just right for kite tails.

Kite Making, Step 4


Step 4

Attach a length of string with tape on the opposite open end of the bag.


Girl Flying Kite

Step 5

Take it out in the breeze, or if there’s no breeze…run like the wind!


Think about it! What’s going on?

Even though a kite is heavier than air, wind pushing on it and passing over it can lift it up. The kite rises because when the wind blows (or when you run to create a moving stream of air on your kite), there is less pressure on the top part of the kite causing the kite to rise. This is called the Bernoulli effect. You also need the string to hold the kite down to make the kite fly as the wind pushes against it. What happens if you let go of the string?

Go to your local science center and learn more. The Lawrence Hall of Science and many science centers have an exhibit with a Bernoulli blower that can help you understand what’s going on with your kite. 

Do more and go further!

Scientists and engineers are always trying out their own ideas and making up new designs. You too can experiment and design your own paper bag kites.  How big can the bag be?  What happens if I punch holes in the bag? How important are the streamer tails? How high will it fly? What kind of string works best?

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