Science Programs in Your Community

Bay Area Science Festival

The Lawrence Hall of Science is a proud partner in the Bay Area Science Festival, a week-long celebration of the unique science and technology of our region. Every festival, the Bay Area comes alive with over 100 science and technology activities — lectures, debates, exhibits, concerts, plays, workshops, and more. This ambitious collaborative initiative on public education brings together our leading academic, scientific, corporate, and nonprofit institutions to showcase the region as an international leader in innovation. Check out our events from previous years:

Insects vs. Robots

Insects vs. Robots

Delve into the hidden world of bugs by doing insect activities like an entomologist would. Then, do robotics challenges led by the UC Berkeley Pioneers in Engineering. Vote for your favorite. Which will win — insects or robots?



Creepy Happy Halloween

For Halloween, try out being a scientist or an engineer while you get to know our slimiest, scaliest, and hairiest creatures. You can also design, build, and test hydraulic lifts for pumpkins in our Ingenuity Lab. How many can you lift? Wear any costume and get a free ticket for Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs in 3-D. Celebrate Halloween with animals, engineering, and the helpful staff at the Hall!

Discovery Days

The Hall will be offering hands-on activities at these free science celebrations. Join us, along with several science organizations from around the Bay Area, to do science experiments and to see demos, exhibits, and theatrical and musical performances.

Discovery Day at Sonoma County Fairgrounds – Santa Rosa

wind tubes

Explore the science of engineering and solve real-world challenges with the Inventor’s Lab. Create your own flying machine and test it in the wind tube. How does your invention soar? At our booth you can also create a system of lifts, jumps, ramps, and tubes to move a marble through your specially designed track. What cool paths will you come up with?

Discovery Day at AT&T Park – San Francisco

Sand Samples

Discover sand samples from around the world with the Hall’s ocean sciences program, called MARE. Use microscopes, hand lenses, and iPads to find out how a close look at a sample of sand can tell you if the beach it came from is better for surfing or for snorkeling.

Design, Build, and Test marble machines with TechHive, the Hall's Maker space. At our booth you can also create a system of lifts, jumps, ramps, and tubes to move a marble through your specially designed track.


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