Educator Tools

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The Lawrence Hall of Science offers instructional materials to enhance your out-of-school program, as well as professional development opportunities for your staff.

Encouraging CuriosityYouTube

How-To Video Clips

Short videos from our AfterSchool KidzScience program provide tips for classroom management and engagement. They help program leaders feel confident doing science activities, even if they don’t have much experience with science. Check out the videos now or get the DVD with purchase of the AfterSchool KidzScience kits. See more videos

Better Environmental Education Teaching, Learning, Expertise and Sharing (BEETLES)

Residential environmental education (EE) programs provide highly memorable, immersive learning experiences for large numbers of students, providing a tremendous opportunity for improving student understanding about the natural world. These programs are often staffed by young, enthusiastic teacher/naturalists who can benefit from high quality professional development. The BEETLES project will create a series of professional development modules and videos for EE program leaders to use with their staff. The project will also gather, refine, and develop effective activities and resources from across the field for free online distribution.

Reflecting on Practice: Workshops

These three-day intensive professional development workshops are developed for staff at zoos, science centers, museums, and community centers. They introduce research and theory related to learning and teaching science, plus tools to deliver more effective science-focused out-of-school programs.

Science and Math Informal Learning Educators (SMILE) Pathway

SMILE collects the best educational materials on the web to create learning activities and tools to benefit educators of school-aged kids in non-classroom settings. Visit for science and math activities that you and the kids in your life will love. Educators are encouraged to both use and contribute to the growing SMILE collection.

Planetarium Activities for Student Success (PASS)

This series of books provides a wealth of resources for presenting entertaining and educationally effective audience participation planetarium programs.

Consumer Guide

Access descriptions, reviews, and details for more than 50 promising materials and curricula that work well in afterschool programs.